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About The IAD

The Internal Audit Directorate (IAD) was borne out of the Public Sector Modernization Project (PSMP) as one of the pillars of strengthening the accountability framework of the public sector. A primary objective of PSMP was to enhance public sector accountability by strengthening the government financial management controls including internal audit units across government.

Consequently, the IAD was established within the Public Expenditure Policy Coordination Division (formerly Financial Management Division) of the Ministry of Finance and The Public Service. Its mandate is to strengthen Internal Audit Units within Ministries and Departments of government through the provision of institutional support, technical assistance and professional development opportunities.

The Internal Audit Directorate acts as a unifying point of reference for the government internal audit community.

Our Role

The role of the Internal Audit Directorate is to, inter alia:

  1. Establish and maintain auditing policies and standards for the government internal audit community;
  2. Promote the upgrading of government auditorsí knowledge and skills;
  3. Assess, develop, coordinate and provide relevant training;
  4. Advise on recruitment, promotion and selection standards for internal auditors; and
  5. Provide a central resource for specialized audit expertise;