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About DMU

Statement and Objectives


Within the context of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the mission of the DMU is to:

"raise adequate levels of financing on behalf of the Government of Jamaica at minimum cost, while seeking to ensure that the national public debt is maintained at sustainable levels, using a well-controlled and efficient operational capability, appropriate research methods, and a highly competent and motivated staff geared towards satisfying customers' needs."


The Major Long-Range Objectives of the DMU are:


Develop a structured approach to the marketing of Government Securities within a year by developing a marketing strategy for the DMU to ensure that the investor community provides adequate levels of financing to the nation's budget over the next five years.


Maintain the public debt at sustainable levels over the ensuing 5-year period by providing appropriate policy advice and strategic guidance.


Develop and maintain appropriate research and analyses which will seek out new debt management tactics to support / strengthen new and existing policies and strategies over the next three years.


Implement relevant systems and procedures to improve the administration, communication and work processes of the DMU within 2 years.


Provide customer satisfaction.


Train and develop staff to maximise their potential through relevant internal and external training and development interventions over the next five years.


Develop a well-controlled and efficient operational capability in the DMU within a three-year period.